Today’s Healthy Dose – It’s 10am, Do You Know Where Your Shoulders Are?

Darn it, there they go again!  Sit up straight and push those shoulders back. Much better.


Today’s Healthy Dose – Any Regular Exercise

Reduces your risk of heart disease, improves your blood pressure, balances your blood sugar levels, enhances your mental well being, reduces your risk of osteoporosis, and fights off type 2 diabetes. And these are only a few of the benefits from a much longer list….

Today’s Healthy Dose – Sleep

It may seem underrated, but letting your cells “reset” during a 7 – 8 hour sleep period is critical to energy levels, mental function, resistance to disease, and overall good health. So don’t skimp on the Z’s.


Today’s Healthy Dose – Try Something New

This week try a new fruit or vegetable. What’s the worst thing that could happen?


Today’s Healthy Dose – Pledge to Unhurry

Hurrying causes stress. Stress causes excess Cortisol. Excess Cortisol derails healing, impairs digestion, slows metabolism, reduces healthy mental function, and weakens your immune system. Just think what good a little slowing down could do.


Today’s Healthy Dose – The 90’s Called

It wants it’s low fat diet back.


Today’s Healthy Dose – Peeper Keepers

What do beta carotene, lutein, zinc and essential fatty acids have in common?  They all reduce your risk of muscular degeneration.

Now in English:  Eat plenty of fruits, veggies, whole eggs and wild caught fatty fish to keep those eyes healthy!