Today’s Healthy Dose – Put The Mouse Down

I know it’s tough, but put down your mouse. Go on, you can do it, you won’t need to scroll for this, just put it down. Uh huh, on the desk. Release the mouse. Yes, right now, uncurl the fingers and let the mouse go.

Now, stick your arms out at your sides, palms down. Hold, hold, hold…hold until you you can’t hold them anymore.

You may now return to holding the mouse.


Today’s Healthy Dose – My Mane, Man

While there is no hair workout, per se, working out can give you luscious hair. In addition to the benefits from good overall health, your mane benefits directly from the elimination of toxins and oils through hair follicles when you sweat, from increased blood circulation anytime you bend over (think downward dog and the hanging stretch) and from reduced stress which could otherwise lead to scalp “issues”.

Don’t dis the mane, man.

Today’s Healthy Dose – Stronger Bones

Know what gives you stronger bones?  Yes, calcium is one answer, but the better answer is exercise! Any weight-bearing or muscle moving activity helps to build new bone. And new bone is strong bone. What are you waiting for?


Today’s Healthy Dose – Stand Up

Now sit down….you know the drill. Stand and give me twenty!


Today’s Healthy Dose – The Parking Lot Called Again

Do I really need to tell you what it said?  C’mon…you know where the best spots are…


Today’s Healthy Dose – Wall Crunches

No, it’s not a decorating technique. It’s an abdominal workout. And it’s amazingly simple.

  • Lean your back against a flat wall and bend your knees –not too deep, just enough to feel it in your thighs.
  • Lace your fingers behind your head and keep your elbows pointed outwards (do not bring those elbows in!)
  • Now, contract your abdominal muscles, and allow the contraction to pull your shoulders forward and down (do not bring those elbows in!)
  • Then flatten your shoulders back against the wall.
  • Take a breath, and repeat (10 or 20 times)

See? Easy, right? You’re gonna feel it tomorrow, but for now just bask in the euphoric afterglow…


Today’s Healthy Dose – Move

Enough said?