Today’s Healthy Dose – It’s Time…

…for a walk. If you’re reading this, you’re obviously taking a break. So go ahead. Get up and walk around. Even if it’s just for a minute. The blood flow and change of scene will do you good.

Today’s Healthy Dose – Definition of Tai Chi

Pronunciation: tī chē
In Webster: A Chinese martial art and system of calisthenics, consisting of sequences of very slow controlled movement.
In Chinese Philosophy: The ultimate source and limit of reality, from which spring yin and yang and all of creation.
Not a bad combo!!

Today’s Healthy Dose – The Core of Your Being

Whatever you’re doing right now, suck it in. You heard me, pull in that core. Now hold it. Hold it. Hold it. Release. Excellent work!

Now, I will hypnotize you…. Imagine the sound of your cell phone in the distance. Your ring tone, your text ding, your email bong, your game trill. On the count of three, every time you here your cell phone you will pull in that core!

One, two, three. I was never here….