Today’s Healthy Dose – Crazy for Cultured Butter

Yes, I’ve written about cultured butter before. But today I’d like to highlight it at the top of my list for “Stuff I Love”.  Admit it, you love butter too. How could you not? In return, I’ll admit that thirty plus years of being told butter is evil is a tough hurdle to jump. But could generations of French, German, Tibetan and Italian eaters who are much healthier than us Americans really be wrong?

Some butter is evil; filled with hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and who knows what else. But butter from naturally pasture raised cows is full of trace minerals, vitamins that support mineral absorption, essential fatty acids,  and healthy cholesterol (the kind you need!). And when it’s cultured, you get natural, fully absorbable probiotics too. It’s a win-win-win-win-win-win…

Here are some of my favorites that I find at my local grocer. I pay more, but I’m worth it. 🙂


Today’s Healthy Dose – Organic Spices

Damn, they are expensive! A person shouldn’t have to take on a second mortgage to prepare well seasoned organic foods. Get outta town Whole Foods with your $3 per ounce spices. Falling squarely into the category of stuff I love is…

Starwest Botanicals

With their bulk organic herbs, teas and spices, (more like $3 per pound) there is no need to break the bank. And container re-use makes the planet a little happier too.

Let’s spice things up!

(Tip: many of their items are available with free shipping on Amazon with Amazon Prime)

Today’s Healthy Dose – Kombucha

It’s been a while since I wrote about this effervescent beverage. And while I’ll admit, it might be an acquired taste, it is so worth the acquisition. Bubbly, slightly sweet, and filled with belly loving probiotics, this ancient fermented tea, once referred to as the “remedy for immortality”  is now widely available at your local grocer in flavors for every palette. Move over soda, Kombucha is back.

Today’s Healthy Dose – Avocado Oil

Extremely healthy and buttery in an oil sort of way, avocado oil is high heat stable and exceptional in baked goods or stir fries. Most markets sell it, but my favorite brand, Bella Vado, can be found at the link below. Why is it my favorite brand? Because it’s made from only pure, organic avocados.  Happy, yummy cooking!!

Bella Vado Splendid Oils

PS – They have luscious, all natural body products too!

Today’s Healthy Dose – Coconut Oil

I’m not a big fan of the flavor of coconut oil. (Not what you were expecting, eh?)  But I do love it for other things.  If you like the flavor of coconut, unrefined coconut oil is amazingly healthy! But here are my favorite uses:

  • For lip balm
  • For healing my problem cuticles
  • For any oddly dry patch of skin
  • As a foot and heal moisturizer
  • To remove tape from walls
  • To clean cast iron cookware (mixed with a little sea salt)
  • To erase paper plate residue and glass rings from wood furniture
  • Mixed with a little raw sugar as a shower scrub

There are probably more, but that should get you started 🙂

Today’s Healthy Dose – An Easy Switch

One simple thing you can do to improve your overall health right now is to throw away that table salt. Whatever you use, Mortons, Real, Diamond, do your body a favor and toss them right now.

Am I suggesting you give up salt? Absolutely not. The minerals in real salt are essential to good health. I’m suggesting you ditch the “almost” salt.  Because it’s the “almost” part that will kill ya.

When shopping for salt, instead of looking for brands, look for regions: Himalayan, Celtic Sea, Mediterranean, French. They’re all tasty, and they’re all high in minerals.

My favorite source? The San Fransisco Salt Co. (as a reminder, this is not a paid ad, they just happen to sell stuff I love!)

Today’s Healthy Dose – Stuff I Love

Today I’m adding a new category to A Healthy Dose. In the spirit of Julie Andrews, when the moment strikes, I will regale you with a few of my favorite things.

I want to assure you that these are not paid endorsements. I’m far to opinionated for that. These are products I actually love and use on a regular basis.

So, let’s talk about garlic. Organic garlic powder is easy, but there is just something about the real deal. The aroma, the healthy properties, the unmistakeable mouth feel and, of course, the flavor.

One thing I love is my garlic press. Many moons ago I bought an expensive one at a kitchen party, and I gotta admit, it’s lasted me for years. But you can find them anywhere. No need to peel your garlic, just pry a clove off the head, stuff it inside, clamp that baby shut, and voila! Beautifully minced garlic that falls right into the pan (or melted butter, or popcorn, or bloody mary).

Yum. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water!