Today’s Healthy Dose – Open Hips, Open Heart

Opening your pelvis can actually relieve stress! Just sit on a flat surface (the floor, your bed) with your knees pulled in and the soles of your feet facing each other. Now release those hips and let the knees fall open. Don’t force it, just relax for sixty seconds. Every time you do this you improve your mobility, your balance, your core strength and your attitude!


Today’s Healthy Dose – What is Organic Anyways?

It’s not just about the pesticides. Organic plant and animal foods are required to be grown:

  • With crop rotation for more fertile soil which enhances nutrient content (and flavor)
  • With sustainable water practices that help the planet and discourage harmful bacteria
  • With natural fertilizers, pest control and feed, reducing toxins in the environment and in your body
  • Without GMO’s, Steroids, Hormones or Antibiotics

Just like great, great grandma used to eat!