Today’s Healthy Dose – Stress

Stress is not good. It’s not pleasant. It’s not fun. For example, the stress of having your credit card  blocked by your banking institution for suspected fraud, EVERY TWO MONTHS! This is stressful.

Sometimes you can manage the stress through mindful breathing or exercise. Sometimes the best course of action is simply to eliminate the stressor.

B-bye, B of A….   Ahhh. I feel better already! 😉


Today’s Healthy Dose – A View

Are you sitting in a spot for most of the day that only yields a view of your monitor?  That simply will not do, you must create a view!  (Sorry, I’ve been in the mood to rhyme lately 😉

If you can’t see a window, put an object that makes you smile somewhere within your periphery. Something pretty, or sentimental, or motivating. It all works. Just something to remind you that quality of life exists beyond the four frames of your desktop.


Today’s Healthy Dose – Food For Thought

I mean that literally. You need pure, nutritious food if you want good, solid thought.


Today’s Healthy Dose – A Special Day

It’s difficult not to think of this day as the anniversary of that unthinkable attack on the U.S. But this is also the anniversary of my parents, married 53 years ago. So, today, I’m going to humbly acknowledge the past, then choose to focus on the good. Happy anniversary Mom and Dad! With love from your favorite daughter.


Today’s Healthy Dose – Perfection

You can strive for it. But it doesn’t actually exist. Wouldn’t it be more productive (and more fun) to focus on things that do exist? Just sayin’.


Today’s Healthy Dose – Don’t Forget…

…to breathe today.