Today’s Healthy Dose – Vitamin D

Studies show that people who get sufficient vitamin D have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight. And it’s so easy to get some. Stick your arm out the window while you drive, work in the garden for a bit, hang out by the pool, go for a short walk, or just sit, relax and catch some rays. I’ll be there are others…


Today’s Healthy Dose – Healthy Bees, Healthy Food

Honey bees are responsible for 80% of all pollination, and they ensure we get to enjoy some of our most nutritious foods.  But they are just as afraid of us, as we are of them, so don’t swat, give them something to do instead. Long season or year round flowering plants that are native to your region will keep them hard at work and healthy too.

Time to plant some flowers?

Today’s Healthy Dose – Stress

Stress = Increased levels of Cortisol

High Cortisol = Deteriorating muscle and bone, slowed healing, abnormal cell regeneration, weight gain, hormone disruption, digestive impairment, and decreased mental function.

Good chocolate, deep breathing, a spa day, a great read, walking, a glass of wine, a night out, tending the garden = better health!