Today’s Healthy Dose – A Liebster Award!


Something a little different today. Fellow blogger Frank Ravitch, author of The Accidental Samuri, has very kindly nominated A Healthy Dose for the Liebster Award. This recognition is awarded to bloggers, by other bloggers, with the intent of acknowledging blogs they enjoy. It also helps those following my blog learn a little more about me. And, ultimately, I get to recognize other blogs that I enjoy by passing the award along.

Below are my answers to the questions Frank posed to me…

  1. What is your dream for the future? I dream that someday fast food joints will be filled with sustainably farmed, organic, whole foods.
  1. Do you want to live in a different country? If so, where is it and why? I love living in the U.S. but I think I would enjoy living in a Latin American country, as I really enjoy the music, the abundance of fresh foods, and the laid back lifestyle.
  1. What kind of food do you like? My favorite food is any type of potato dish. It just is not possible to have too many potatoes or to have them too often.
  1. Have you ever traveled? If so, where have you been? I have been fortunate to travel to several states within the U.S. as well as to Mexico, The Caribbean, South America and Europe. But I would love to visit Japan someday.
  1. What is your favorite season? And Why? I’m a big fan of all four seasons, but I’d say my favorite is Fall. I love the crisp air, the smell of wood burning in the fireplace, the change of the leaves, and the anticipation of holidays approaching.
  1. Do you cook? If so, what is/are your best dish/es? I love to cook! My favorite is a recipe passed down by my grandmother for Bacon, Potato and Dumpling Soup.
  1. If you get 1-month-vacation, what will you do? I love the beach. Any beach. My favorite thing to do at the beach is to relax, read a good book, sit in the sun, enjoy a cold beverage, people watch, breathe in the ocean air, and decompress. Just hearing the ocean brings my blood pressure down instantly. I could easily do that for a month.
  1. What is/are the most important thing/s for your life? Family. The most important thing, period.
  1. What makes you smile recently? My teenage boys. They are a joy, and often amusing to behold.
  1. Do you like reading? If so, What book do you recommend? I love to read. My favorite author is Janet Evanovich. She is hilarious!

But, enough about me! If you enjoy historical fiction be sure to check out Frank’s blog, Below is a list of some of the blogs that I enjoy following and will be nominating for Liebster Awards….

Cheers to your health!  Lane


Today’s Healthy Dose – Good News and Bad News

The good news is that with advancements in science and medicine, more people are living longer than ever before. The bad news is that with advancements in science and medicine, more people are living longer than ever before. With your current habits around food, movement and thought, what do your 90’s look like to you? Is it good news, or bad news?

Today’s Healthy Dose – Yin and Yang

I’ve become a big believer of balancing my yin with my yang.  Figs with blue cheese, a brisk walk followed by lounging in the sun, bacon with sliced tomatoes, some serious thinking followed by some seriously mindless TV. I find the more yin I include with my yang, or yang with my yin, the less likely I am to binge on either one. Who says you can’t have it all?

Today’s Healthy Dose – Inspiration

We all have stuff we SHOULD do (like exercise). But inspiration often comes from doing the things we want to do (like baking avocado brownies), then tacking that should do stuff onto the end. You know, while you’re in the “doing”  zone…

(Like getting those brownies into the oven, then walking for 20 minutes while you wait for them to bake. Brownies and exercise? It’s win-win!)

Today’s Healthy Dose – A Sweet Deal

Whether it’s white sugar, artificial sweeteners or raw natural sweeteners like honey and coconut  sugar – in excess, they can all be harmful to your health. But in today’s world they’re nearly impossible to ditch altogether. Make a deal with yourself to indulge knowingly, modestly, and with the pure satisfaction of savoring every minute.

Just like life…it’s all about balance 🙂