Today’s Healthy Dose – ROM

Not Read Only Memory…..we’re talking Range Of Motion. And whatever yours is, you could always improve it. Exercising your ROM improves circulation, increases your flexibility, and reduces joint and muscle pain and moves your muscles. So circle, stretch, flex and move those joints!



Today’s Healthy Dose – Beta Glue Cans

Sorry, no glue cans here. We’re talking beta-glucans: a type of fiber found in baker’s yeast, mushrooms and many whole grains, like oats. Beta-glucans help to regulate the immune system and stimulate white blood cell production, playing a powerful role in your body’s protection against illnesses including cancer and infections.

No wonder you’ve been craving organic oatmeal cookies!



Today’s Healthy Dose – Sweet Stevia

What is it?  Stevia Rebaudiana is a plant native to Paraguay. The plant’s leaves, when dried, are so sweet that one teaspoon has as much sugary satisfaction as a full cup of sugar. Pure Stevia has no calories, does not cause blood sugar spikes, has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb, and for the last 30 years as a popular food additive in Japan.

There are no known side affects to pure Stevia, but read your labels…much of what is being sold in US markets is not 100% Stevia. (like anything in a packet)

Go for pure Stevia powder or liquid and drop sparingly, as using too much Stevia can cause a bitter after taste.

Today’s Healthy Dose – Rockin’ Broccoli

One cup of broccoli has 4 grams of fiber, 20% of the daily recommended Vitamin A, 15% of B-6, 7% Magnesium, over 200% of your daily Vitamin C and is rich in minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients (those super healthy but sneaky buggers that can’t be reproduced in pill form).

Stir fry, salad, chow mein, soup, slaw, alfredo, saute, roast, steam, dip….the uses for this super food are endless!