Today’s Healthy Dose – Stress

Stress = Increased levels of Cortisol

High Cortisol = Deteriorating muscle and bone, slowed healing, abnormal cell regeneration, weight gain, hormone disruption, digestive impairment, and decreased mental function.

Good chocolate, deep breathing, a spa day, a great read, walking, a glass of wine, a night out, tending the garden = better health!


Today’s Healthy Dose – An Apple A Day

Overlooking the fact that as of late most conventionally grown apples are mushy (due to freezing during transport), apples are the most popular fruit in the U.S. as well as the most heavily sprayed. The average apple contains residue from 47 different pesticides including:

  • 6 Known Carcinogens
  • 16 Hormone Disruptors
  • 5 Neurotoxins
  • 6 Developmental or Reproductive Toxins
  • 11 Honeybee Toxins