Today’s Healthy Dose – One Pat of Butter

A square of butter, 1″ high and 1/3″ thick, contains only 36 calories. Butter from pasture raised cows is high in essential fatty acids, rich in fat soluble vitamins, and contains the ever-elusive Vitamin K2 which has been shown to reduce your risk of heart disease.

Just imagine all the healthy and yummy things you could do with those 36 calories….


Today’s Healthy Dose – Start With A Box

Or a bag, or a jar or a can. That could be the U.S. cooking motto. But those items have “shelf life”. And generally, more shelf life equals less nutrition. Take another look at your grocer’s offerings. What could you make with groceries that don’t come gift wrapped?


Today’s Healthy Dose – Circle Your Wrists

It’s break time for those wrists! No need to stand up, just hold your arms out in front of you and circle your wrists…5 times to the left, 5 times to the right.

As you were.


Today’s Healthy Dose – Why Wouldn’t My Doctor?

Does it seem odd that your doc wouldn’t prescribe eating real food as a way to prevent disease? Unfortunately, your doctor wasn’t trained to prevent disease, they were trained to treat it.

Some will go above and beyond their education, but these days, most are just trying to get to the bottom line and write the scrip in the ten minutes the insurance companies allow for your visit. Sad, but true šŸ˜¦


Today’s Healthy Dose – Thoughts Become Things

Good or bad, thoughts have this sneaky way of manifesting themselves. What positively healthy thoughts can you turn into things today?


Today’s Healthy Dose – Nix the Sodium, Use Salt Instead

What’s the difference? Pure Salt, otherwise known as Sodium Chloride (NaCl), has a chemical makeup and dozensĀ of minerals that are essential to proper function of the human body. Sodium (Na)… not so much.