Today’s Healthy Dose – Creative Blogger Award

To kick off my return, I’d like to thank Jen at A Venturing Girl for her nomination of A Healthy Dose for the Creative Blogger Award. I am deeply honored. As part of my acceptance of the award, I am supposed to share five facts about myself with all of you. The rules don’t specify that they have to be interesting facts, but I’ll try to lean in that direction. So….

  1. I have an amazing family, both immediate and extended, who provide me with unconditional love and support regardless of how wacky my ideas might sound.
  2. If I had to marry a food, it would be potatoes, hands down.
  3. My car’s name is Fabio. He’s a flaming red Dodge Charger with killer speakers and a Hemi.
  4. I have a short attention span, which I consider a blessing because it shields me from boredom.
  5. I love to dance; at a class, in the kitchen, in the produce section of the grocery store if there’s good music serenading from above.

I will now nominate 10 other bloggers for their creativity and dedication to sharing that creativity with others.

Look for my usual healthy rant, rave, or research results starting tomorrow!

Cheers to your health 🙂



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