Today’s Healthy Dose – Crazy for Cultured Butter

Yes, I’ve written about cultured butter before. But today I’d like to highlight it at the top of my list for “Stuff I Love”.  Admit it, you love butter too. How could you not? In return, I’ll admit that thirty plus years of being told butter is evil is a tough hurdle to jump. But could generations of French, German, Tibetan and Italian eaters who are much healthier than us Americans really be wrong?

Some butter is evil; filled with hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and who knows what else. But butter from naturally pasture raised cows is full of trace minerals, vitamins that support mineral absorption, essential fatty acids,  and healthy cholesterol (the kind you need!). And when it’s cultured, you get natural, fully absorbable probiotics too. It’s a win-win-win-win-win-win…

Here are some of my favorites that I find at my local grocer. I pay more, but I’m worth it. 🙂


Today’s Healthy Dose – Stress

Stress is not good. It’s not pleasant. It’s not fun. For example, the stress of having your credit card  blocked by your banking institution for suspected fraud, EVERY TWO MONTHS! This is stressful.

Sometimes you can manage the stress through mindful breathing or exercise. Sometimes the best course of action is simply to eliminate the stressor.

B-bye, B of A….   Ahhh. I feel better already! 😉

Today’s Healthy Dose – Labels

What makes it okay to label Lucky Charms cereal as whole grain?  Or a 6 oz container of Dannon strawberry yogurt with 24 grams of sugar as healthy?

That whole grain bobbing about in the milk amongst those cute little candy stars is actually genetically modified corn. And that strawberry yogurt has six (that’s 6) teaspoons of sugar, the same as a full size Hershey’s milk chocolate bar.

I can’t tell you what makes this deception legal. But I can tell you that those companies are counting on us to see the “healthy” label on the front, and not worry about reading the real label on the back.

Today’s Healthy Dose – Put The Mouse Down

I know it’s tough, but put down your mouse. Go on, you can do it, you won’t need to scroll for this, just put it down. Uh huh, on the desk. Release the mouse. Yes, right now, uncurl the fingers and let the mouse go.

Now, stick your arms out at your sides, palms down. Hold, hold, hold…hold until you you can’t hold them anymore.

You may now return to holding the mouse.

Today’s Healthy Dose – Organic Spices

Damn, they are expensive! A person shouldn’t have to take on a second mortgage to prepare well seasoned organic foods. Get outta town Whole Foods with your $3 per ounce spices. Falling squarely into the category of stuff I love is…

Starwest Botanicals

With their bulk organic herbs, teas and spices, (more like $3 per pound) there is no need to break the bank. And container re-use makes the planet a little happier too.

Let’s spice things up!

(Tip: many of their items are available with free shipping on Amazon with Amazon Prime)

Today’s Healthy Dose – My Mane, Man

While there is no hair workout, per se, working out can give you luscious hair. In addition to the benefits from good overall health, your mane benefits directly from the elimination of toxins and oils through hair follicles when you sweat, from increased blood circulation anytime you bend over (think downward dog and the hanging stretch) and from reduced stress which could otherwise lead to scalp “issues”.

Don’t dis the mane, man.

Today’s Healthy Dose – That’s No Yolk

Here’s what you toss when you toss one egg yolk:

90% or more of your daily requirement for…

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamins B-6 & B-12
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Thiamin
  • Folate
  • Essential Fatty Acids
  • And almost as much protein as the egg white

It hurts my heart to think of how much nutrition, time and money has literally gone down the drain with those yolks.  Experts now agree that yolks are really, really good for you. Please don’t waste them.

Today’s Healthy Dose – Pastured

What does it mean? “Pastured” is a farming term that applies to land animals from which we source food. Dairy, eggs and meat (including pork) sourced from animals that have actually been “pasture raised” or “100% grass fed” or  “free range” (not to be confused with cage free, which means nothing) generally have higher levels of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids than foods from conventionally raised animals, because their own requirements for nutrients, sun and exercise are being met. Pastured animals are also less likely to have been injected with steroids, hormones or antibiotics. It’s the meat your great-grandmother used to eat.

BUT, there are no regulations for these labels, so it’s best to know your source. Most companies that sell pastured products are proud to tell you all about their farming practices on their websites. And isn’t your health worth taking a few minutes to look?

Today’s Healthy Dose – Kombucha

It’s been a while since I wrote about this effervescent beverage. And while I’ll admit, it might be an acquired taste, it is so worth the acquisition. Bubbly, slightly sweet, and filled with belly loving probiotics, this ancient fermented tea, once referred to as the “remedy for immortality”  is now widely available at your local grocer in flavors for every palette. Move over soda, Kombucha is back.