Today’s Healthy Dose – Pastured

What does it mean? “Pastured” is a farming term that applies to land animals from which we source food. Dairy, eggs and meat (including pork) sourced from animals that have actually been “pasture raised” or “100% grass fed” or  “free range” (not to be confused with cage free, which means nothing) generally have higher levels of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids than foods from conventionally raised animals, because their own requirements for nutrients, sun and exercise are being met. Pastured animals are also less likely to have been injected with steroids, hormones or antibiotics. It’s the meat your great-grandmother used to eat.

BUT, there are no regulations for these labels, so it’s best to know your source. Most companies that sell pastured products are proud to tell you all about their farming practices on their websites. And isn’t your health worth taking a few minutes to look?


Today’s Healthy Dose – Stronger Bones

Know what gives you stronger bones?  Yes, calcium is one answer, but the better answer is exercise! Any weight-bearing or muscle moving activity helps to build new bone. And new bone is strong bone. What are you waiting for?

Today’s Healthy Dose – Kombucha

It’s been a while since I wrote about this effervescent beverage. And while I’ll admit, it might be an acquired taste, it is so worth the acquisition. Bubbly, slightly sweet, and filled with belly loving probiotics, this ancient fermented tea, once referred to as the “remedy for immortality”  is now widely available at your local grocer in flavors for every palette. Move over soda, Kombucha is back.


Today’s Healthy Dose – Teff

Move over quinoa, there’s a new Teff in town. High in calcium, iron, fiber and protein, Teff is appearing all over foodie sites as the king of the carbohydrates. Why not give it a shot?


Today’s Healthy Dose – Vitamin D

The average American doesn’t get enough. Coincidently, the average American doesn’t get enough sun. It’s almost Fall. Get out there and get your Vitamin D while supplies last!


Today’s Healthy Dose – Stand Up

Now sit down….you know the drill. Stand and give me twenty!


Today’s Healthy Dose – Beet Greens

Not only are beet greens the new kale, you get a free set with every purchase of one bunch of fresh beets! As soon as you get them home, trim leaves from the beets near the base, then store beets and greens in separate airtight containers under a damp paper towel in the frig. The greens should last several days, while the beets will last for weeks.

Can’t beet that!  hehe