Today’s Healthy Dose – A Sweet Deal

Whether it’s white sugar, artificial sweeteners or raw natural sweeteners like honey and coconut  sugar – in excess, they can all be harmful to your health. But in today’s world they’re nearly impossible to ditch altogether. Make a deal with yourself to indulge knowingly, modestly, and with the pure satisfaction of savoring every minute.

Just like life…it’s all about balance 🙂


Today’s Healthy Dose – 3 Seconds

Whether sitting or standing, take the next 3 seconds to help yourself feel refreshed…

  • Second 1 – Reach your arms long in front of you, using one hand to grab the fingers on the other hand. Then breathe out as you round your back.
  • Second 2 – Take a deep breath in as you lengthen your spine and your raise your arms over head.
  • Second 3 – Let out a big breath as you let go of your hands, then lower straight arms to your sides.

Still feeling a little tense? What’s another 3 seconds in the course of your day? 😉