Today’s Healthy Dose – EFA’s

EFA’s, aka Essential Fatty Acids, play an important part in your overall health. In fact, they’re ESSENTIAL. And because they’re fatty acids, they’re most commonly found in, you guessed it, FATS.

Here’s a list of just a few of the things these little gems are responsible for…

  • Formation of healthy cell membranes
  • Proper functioning of the brain and nervous system
  • Proper thyroid and adrenal activity
  • Hormone production
  • Joint mobility
  • Regulation of blood pressure, liver function, immune system, inflammatory response and blood clotting
  • Transport and breakdown of cholesterol
  • Healthy hair, nails and skin

Pure olive oil, real butter, nuts, unfiltered coconut oil, seeds, grass fed animals fats, pure palm oil, wild caught fish, avocados, grapeseed oil–it’s all good.

Canola oil, soybean oil, butter wanna-be’s, corn oil, vegetable oil–not so much.


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