Today’s Healthy Dose – Definition of Tai Chi

Pronunciation: tī chē
In Webster: A Chinese martial art and system of calisthenics, consisting of sequences of very slow controlled movement.
In Chinese Philosophy: The ultimate source and limit of reality, from which spring yin and yang and all of creation.
Not a bad combo!!

Today’s Healthy Dose – The Core of Your Being

Whatever you’re doing right now, suck it in. You heard me, pull in that core. Now hold it. Hold it. Hold it. Release. Excellent work!

Now, I will hypnotize you…. Imagine the sound of your cell phone in the distance. Your ring tone, your text ding, your email bong, your game trill. On the count of three, every time you here your cell phone you will pull in that core!

One, two, three. I was never here….

Today’s Healthy Dose – EFA’s

EFA’s, aka Essential Fatty Acids, play an important part in your overall health. In fact, they’re ESSENTIAL. And because they’re fatty acids, they’re most commonly found in, you guessed it, FATS.

Here’s a list of just a few of the things these little gems are responsible for…

  • Formation of healthy cell membranes
  • Proper functioning of the brain and nervous system
  • Proper thyroid and adrenal activity
  • Hormone production
  • Joint mobility
  • Regulation of blood pressure, liver function, immune system, inflammatory response and blood clotting
  • Transport and breakdown of cholesterol
  • Healthy hair, nails and skin

Pure olive oil, real butter, nuts, unfiltered coconut oil, seeds, grass fed animals fats, pure palm oil, wild caught fish, avocados, grapeseed oil–it’s all good.

Canola oil, soybean oil, butter wanna-be’s, corn oil, vegetable oil–not so much.

Today’s Healthy Dose – Creative Blogger Award

To kick off my return, I’d like to thank Jen at A Venturing Girl for her nomination of A Healthy Dose for the Creative Blogger Award. I am deeply honored. As part of my acceptance of the award, I am supposed to share five facts about myself with all of you. The rules don’t specify that they have to be interesting facts, but I’ll try to lean in that direction. So….

  1. I have an amazing family, both immediate and extended, who provide me with unconditional love and support regardless of how wacky my ideas might sound.
  2. If I had to marry a food, it would be potatoes, hands down.
  3. My car’s name is Fabio. He’s a flaming red Dodge Charger with killer speakers and a Hemi.
  4. I have a short attention span, which I consider a blessing because it shields me from boredom.
  5. I love to dance; at a class, in the kitchen, in the produce section of the grocery store if there’s good music serenading from above.

I will now nominate 10 other bloggers for their creativity and dedication to sharing that creativity with others.

Look for my usual healthy rant, rave, or research results starting tomorrow!

Cheers to your health 🙂


Today’s Healthy Dose – Makin’ Bacon

Enough with the bacon bashing! Naturally cured bacon without any of those nasty “…trates” or “…fites” is super high in Omega 3’s, healthy protein, the full range of B vitamins, and several essential minerals. As an added bonus, bacon has that aroma and taste that make you feel…well, satisfied (some might say blissful), like you’ve eaten something truly yummy. Oh, wait. You have!

Go ahead, make some bacon 🙂