Today’s Healthy Dose – Spinach

I cannot stand the flavor of cooked spinach. But raw, it’s surprisingly without taste. Which makes it a perfect addition to smoothies. It’s a great way to get in those morning veggies, along with heaping doses of Vitamins A, C, & K, Magnesium, Iron and the full complement of B Vitamins, just to name a few.

And the best part? No one, not even your kids or your spouse, will know it’s there…


Today’s Healthy Dose – Wall Crunches

No, it’s not a decorating technique. It’s an abdominal workout. And it’s amazingly simple.

  • Lean your back against a flat wall and bend your knees –not too deep, just enough to feel it in your thighs.
  • Lace your fingers behind your head and keep your elbows pointed outwards (do not bring those elbows in!)
  • Now, contract your abdominal muscles, and allow the contraction to pull your shoulders forward and down (do not bring those elbows in!)
  • Then flatten your shoulders back against the wall.
  • Take a breath, and repeat (10 or 20 times)

See? Easy, right? You’re gonna feel it tomorrow, but for now just bask in the euphoric afterglow…

Today’s Healthy Dose – Connect to the Earth

Take (or steal) a spare moment to connect to the energy of the Earth. Here’s how…

  1. Remove your shoes and socks
  2. Find a patch of earth that looks inviting (think soft grass, or fresh dirt)
  3. Stand on the inviting patch, feet about shoulder width apart
  4. Close your eyes
  5. Relax your neck and hold your head tall
  6. Let your shoulders drop
  7. Now focus on the soles of your feet and just “be”

Admit it…don’t you feel refreshed? The Earth’s energy will do that.