Today’s Heathy Dose – Make Flossing Your Friend

Turns out gums are a two way street. Unhealthy gums can be an indication of other health issues, and bacteria build up in the gums can cause other health issues. Either way, it can’t hurt to make better friends with the minty string. 

Did you floss today? It’s not too late!


Today’s Healthy Dose – Radish Addict

A year ago I would have labeled myself as your average vegetable eater–mostly at dinner with the occasional salad for lunch. Then I set a goal to include veggies on my plate at every meal. Now, if we’re out of organic radishes for me to slice, salt and crunch on over breakfast, I actually feel cheated.

So…inquiring minds want to know… could radish addition actually be a thing? And what veggie that you love could you add to your breakfast tomorrow?

Today’s Healthy Dose – 3 Seconds

Whether sitting or standing, take the next 3 seconds to help yourself feel refreshed…

  • Second 1 – Reach your arms long in front of you, using one hand to grab the fingers on the other hand. Then breathe out as you round your back.
  • Second 2 – Take a deep breath in as you lengthen your spine and your raise your arms over head.
  • Second 3 – Let out a big breath as you let go of your hands, then lower straight arms to your sides.

Still feeling a little tense? What’s another 3 seconds in the course of your day? 😉